Monday, 28 January 2008

Dream Come True

Ever had one of those weeks where you just feel like things could be working out just perfectly?

This week I began a four week work placement at Town 102 Radio, in Ipswich.

Everybody has said to me: 'Wow you'll be covering the Prostitute Murders Court Case'.

Thing is, that wasn't what was exciting me...!

In September my Dad and I went on the Portman Road Stadium Tour. We saw memorabilia from the glory years, walked through the players tunnel and best of all we visited the media centre.

Sat in seats in the press room I looked around and realised how 'at home' I felt. I really could see myself in the same seat in a few years time asking Jim how it feels to be top of the Premiership!!

Ok so I haven't managed that just yet but as you've seen I did get to enjoy an interview with him.

The highlight of that morning though was the fulfillment of one of my life-long dreams - interviewing an Ipswich Town player.

Interviewing Owen Garvan has been the best part of my placement so far.

He was very very sweet, VERY very cute and VERY VERY Irish. Which makes him perfect in my eyes!

We spoke mostly about the lack of away wins for Town.

You get the impression that they want the win just to relieve some pressure. As Owen says, it would be nice to get it off their minds.

He was also very sweet about the new signings - considering Jim is aiming for midfielders which would bring competition in against him.

He said it could help us and that he's looking forward to it.

But one very good comment he did make was that he doesn't feel it is new tactics or new players that will help us pick up the points on the road.

He believes it is all down to the mentality of the team. They want it so bad but they need to show it and work hard to get it.

What a sensible boy!

Listen to the interview in full.

So there we are, item number one on my list of 'Things to do before Im 30' can be ticked off...

...Next up, get one of them to marry me!

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