Sunday, 30 September 2007

No comment...

Due to the dismal performance yesterday I will be unable to comment on the disappointing result against Hull City. At least until I have figured out how to put my anger into words that I am allowed to publish...!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tigers look forward to 'attractive football'.

Hull City manager Phil Brown, has told his team to expect an attractive game of football from Ipswich Town today.
The Tigers will enter the game with a degree of confidence following a good performance against Chelsea during the week, despite loosing 4-0.
Dean Windass will return after a two game absence due to injury. The forward scored twice against us when we played there last year.
Although I should add we did win that game 5-2!
However, Town's superb result against Coventry along with the burning desire to improve our away record should lead to an equal level of confidence in our camp.
Defender David Wright is a possible doubt, with an infected blister on his heel - ew!!
I'm always worried when we have to change the defence around because I feel consistency is important for them.
On a lighter note Danny Haynes will be back, so he can put pressure on their defence with his speed.
Jim Magilton seems to disagree with my worries about the changed kick off time though: He told the club website; 'we will be prepared correctly as we always are and will deal with the start time in a professional manner'. Good to know Jim!
Good luck to the boys, and of course to those of you who got up in the early hours of this morning to travel up north... wish I was there...!!!

Friday, 28 September 2007

Delia's a Muppet...

Just had this short video e-mailed to me from YouTube. It tickled me greatly!
As an Ipswich Town fan I can't sympathise enough with asking why I put myself through the pain and frustration that we experience.
But then I wouldn't be totally opposed to The Canaries being frustrated for a little while longer...!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Loosing the faith?

The attendance for Ipswich Town's impressive victory over Coventry was just 18,840, the lowest since March 2000 - when the stadium had a vastly smaller capacity.
As a season ticket holder, my pet peeve was the 'part-timers' that graced us with their presence for Town's bigger matches.
Unfortunately travelling up from London has proved to be too expensive on a student budget, so I am joining the ranks of my least favourite people.
However, I am beginning to understand the idea of having to choose one or two games a month to go to.
Coventry at home would not have been one that jumped out at me at the beginning of the season and with it being on Sky I decided to watch it from the comfort of the pub.
However, it seems a little telling that the lowest attendance of the season so far follows two defeats away from home.
Are there two many fickle fans loosing faith already this season?
Super Jim Magilton told the East Anglian Daily Times yesterday that he believes it is his duty to bring the fans back by winning the games.
But after seven straight home victories shouldn't we be showing him more confidence?
Would love to hear people's opinions...

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Early kick-off

Ipswich Town's season so far seems to have been plagued by the rearranging of kick-off times.
Recently, the bringing forward of the Hull City kick off to 12:30pm has affected a number of travelling Blues fans.
To those of you who are making the effort to visit the delights (!) of Hull: Good on you. Its an arduous enough journey from East Anglia, without having people fiddling about with your travel times.
As part of his new regime Jim brought in the idea of pre-match training/ warming up sessions to allow the players to prepare physically and mentally for the game ahead. If we loose the pattern of 3 o clock starts - we equally loose the pattern of psyching ourselves up for the game. Perhaps this suggests why our away form has not been what it should be - a disruption to the pattern.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has been affected by this, in particular how the club's promise to refund train fares is being fulfilled.

Of course, I wouldn't mind all of this if it was for Sky, at least I'd be able to watch my boys, but when its for the flipping rugby I can't help but feel a bit miffed!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Welcome to my world!

Hi, I'm Amy Downes. I am studying Postgraduate Journalism at Westminster University, for which I am currently exploring Web design. It has given me the opportunity to finally begin my own Blog.
I am a life-long Ipswich Town fan - for my sins - and have been going to watch them play for over 13 years!
I spend every minute of my life thinking and talking about them so I figured this blog would be an ideal opportunity to write about them too.
I'll be keeping you updated with the latest news from the Super Blues and comments on my travels to see them play.
Would love to hear from fellow Tractor Boys and Girls so please feel free to comment on my posts.
Click here to see the greatest moment of my life - if it sends shivers up your spine, you're in the right place!