Thursday, 27 September 2007

Loosing the faith?

The attendance for Ipswich Town's impressive victory over Coventry was just 18,840, the lowest since March 2000 - when the stadium had a vastly smaller capacity.
As a season ticket holder, my pet peeve was the 'part-timers' that graced us with their presence for Town's bigger matches.
Unfortunately travelling up from London has proved to be too expensive on a student budget, so I am joining the ranks of my least favourite people.
However, I am beginning to understand the idea of having to choose one or two games a month to go to.
Coventry at home would not have been one that jumped out at me at the beginning of the season and with it being on Sky I decided to watch it from the comfort of the pub.
However, it seems a little telling that the lowest attendance of the season so far follows two defeats away from home.
Are there two many fickle fans loosing faith already this season?
Super Jim Magilton told the East Anglian Daily Times yesterday that he believes it is his duty to bring the fans back by winning the games.
But after seven straight home victories shouldn't we be showing him more confidence?
Would love to hear people's opinions...

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JIMS THE MAN said...

Its just a blip - the crowds will come back when the season really gets going.