Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Home form continues without me!

'Easier than the score suggests' my Dad said to me after the game.
His opinion has been reflected across the media, another fantastic home performance:
Ipswich Town: 2, Preston North End: 1.
The EADT's Derek Davis complimented no less than eight players during his report, a good sign that the team is playing well together.
Most notably all of our attacking players have been complimented by boss, Jim Magilton.
The boss was pleased Lee has added to his goal run, with a headed goal from about a foot off the floor!
He feels Pablo Umbongo's (nickname awarded by my boyfriend who kindly endured the Palace match with me!) skill is causing trouble for defences across the league.
Unfortunately the striker has been warned for 'card waving', but I believe this is a trait which alot of fans find endearing, not least amusing.
My man Walters has been singled out again as having a big impact on the game. One to watch that one.
And it is good to see Billy Clarke not only getting on the first team, but being a key player in the majority of our moves.
As for their penalty: seems a shame to have lost a clean sheet for a foul that nobody seem to be able to pinpoint - Was it Wright, was it Alexander, was it a slightly long blade of grass that tripped him up???
I only wish I had been there to see it... a sentiment I'm sure is reflected by the people who left huge gaps in the usually packed North Stand.
Looking forward to visiting Loftus Road in 10 days, perhaps a chance to improve on that away record?
Although for keeping Naaaarwich in the relegation zone I almost feel like letting them have a point anyway!
My friend Ibs was at the match, his blog has had me thoroughly amused for the last ten minutes and will do so for days. Although I must apologise for his mispelling of Naaaaarwich.

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Good piece well written. Are you worried that Norwich will have a new manager just in time to play us, and it could be Big fat Joe. Imagine what your photo will mean to you then.